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Customized Memory T-Shirt Quilt (Estimated Value: $350)
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$200.00 USD

This auction has been sold to tmciriacks at $200.00 USD.
You supply the t-shirts and Rachel (donor) will cut out the best part of each shirt and arrange it in an original mosaic pattern. This is a unique made to order, hand made item constructed with materials you supply (t-shirts, jerseys, etc) and quality cotton fabric and batting (which is also donated by Rachel). Size of the quilt is approximately 52" x 64". Materials you could use in the quilt: sports jerseys, t-shirts, concert shirts, sports shirts, school shirts, blankets, memory shirts, travel shirts, camp shirts, college shirts, picnic blankets, soccer shirts, football jerseys, etc. Quilt will be constructed within 6- 8 weeks. Donated by Rachel Sprenger. Estimated Value: $350